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  A very long time ago, lost in the midst of half remembered storytelling legends, our elder ancestral folkway who roamed the Northern European plains practiced an ancient tradition that honoured their native gods and goddesses; these elder gods became known back then to Northern Europeans as either the Regin or Tivar. Their names and their stories managed somehow to survive the Christian dark ages filtering down from the oral tradition into the written word via heroic sagas and the written prose . The chieftain of all these Northern gods took form and manifestation through the eras long since shrouded in the mist of antiquity and became known to us through surviving sagas as Oδinn, a great warrior chieftain of the tribe known as the Ǽsir who it has been argued to come from the East whilst it seems also that the Ǽsir once waged war with the Vanir, a Northern European tribe of gods/goddesses. These gods were the progenitors of the Northern European folkway with mighty Thor; who is seen as a friend of the common man, protector and warder of the nine worlds, Middle-garth, as well as Asgarth the home of the gods.
  But these are not the only gods, giants also walked the earth: Jötnar who are ancient beings of old possessing magic that the gods themselves envy and wanted once walked the earth but these primal forces in return remain eternally jealous of the order and magnitude the holy Asgardians bring to middle enclosure better known to us as the Earth. Then off course you have Loki the shapeshifting god instigator of strife’s with his beautiful consort Sigyn, goddess of compassion and fidelity. Two very powerful sorcery goddesses also dwell in Asgarth, namely Frigga and off course the beautiful Freyja. For those of us who are of Northern European ancestry or align ourselves with the Tivar, through the vast passage of time and adaptations our ancestors broke their oaths with the Regin and started for various reasons to pay homage to the pale Christ over the course of the past 1000 years sending the Regin back into a long slumber of half-forgotten memories in favour of a foreign imported ideology from the land of the desert god. This includes the loss of vitality and magical power it once had.
  But the stirring from long lost traditions took heart and soul with form stemming from the disillusionment with mainstream religious beliefs coming out from the Second World War searching for their roots again with the elder gods who also are awakening to the call of their folkway. and are online resources for a private educational foundation devoted to promoting a greater awareness and understanding of the history, culture, values, and beliefs of pre-Christian Northern Europe. We firmly believe and support considered arguments based on historical research whilst extending our knowledge and understanding though developing on further studies of the primary as well as secondary historical evidence based sources.It is only by gaining familiarity with sound, modern scholarship on these subjects that we believe is essential to meaningful learning. We advocate promoting scholarship based upon critical thought. We recognise and re-affirm that the pre-Christian Northern Tradition has no correlation to modern day racism.
  The search for identity stemmed from an outgrowth of 19th Century racial Nationalism based in part through the search for Identity. We are unequivocally opposed to those who bring our spiritual heritage into disgrace by combining it with racial hatred or separatist doctrines We likewise repudiate those who promote a race-based parody of the Northern mythos through the misguided works of 19th-century Romantic nationalists, and fraudulent texts like the Oera Linda Book. Genuine understanding of our spiritual heritage should not be confined to ivory towers, and that outside academia should have access to more than New Age paperbacks and self-published purveyors of fantasy. The search goes on even today with more people looking towards alternative spirituality and especially the religious belief's and cultures of their Northern European ancestors. Sadly totally alien separatist hatred based doctrines also began to infiltrate the Northern Way bringing with them the racist ideology of “pure bloods”, shrouded inside the 19th Century National Romanticism search for white identity culture excuse based in the main on some imagined fabricated Epic Teutonic Mythology.
  These blatantly modern foreign ideals abound, poorly disguised as traditional but white race only 'Asatru'. The World Wide Web and many private non-academic publishing houses have regurgitated the old race hatred paradigm on what is claimed to be the Northern spiritual faiths but seldom have anything in them that our ancestors would have recognized as their own. Instead promoting secular, fantasia occult and social-political ideals that promote individual egos power base of their unverifiable personal gnosis points of view rather than anything that is factually based in the real history of our folkway. To the contrary there remains a great deal of historical academic works much of which still remains untranslated from which any true seeker can search the academic tomes of historical based evidence through University publications and literature for the return to their ancestral ways actual as opposed to aligning with weekend campfire cults. But accurate ancestral knowledge alone is never enough. Folks need to come away from the plethora of post modernist mindsets based on Judeo Christian political correctness or racial bigotry.
  19th Century European Nationalism, race separatism or neo-Nazi ideologies have nothing to do with the Elder ways or indeed any viable Northern worldview and those who walk this path need to re-align their thoughts and to begin to act holistically as well as think in completely different way. To this end, we at Northvegr are totally dedicated to keep with the truth and promote the real Northern Way for all those who would listen. strives to promote a balanced approach to scholarship, accessible to all with a serious interest in learning about the elder ways. Genuine understanding of our spiritual heritage should not be confined to ivory towers or weekend search for white identity campfire cults, and those outside academia should have access to more than New Age paperbacks and self-published purveyors of fantasy. The New Northvegr Centre seeks to bridge that gap.