The Northern Way

The New Northvegr Center

Mission Statement

The New Northvegr Center (NNC) is a private educational foundation devoted to promoting greater awareness and understanding of the history, culture, values, and beliefs of pre-Christian northern Europe. NNC believes that studying the primary sources and gaining familiarity with sound, modern scholarship on these topics is essential to meaningful learning. We believe strongly in promoting scholarship based upon critical thought. To this end, the Center maintains a comprehensive online library of texts, resources, reviews, and recommendations for individual or group study in this field. NNC’s extensive website offers a wide variety of classic and hard-to- find texts, some in original translation, for free browsing or downloading. The Center’s online subscriber service supplements this core library with timely and topical reviews and analysis of the latest and most important scholarly works, original research, and other unique resources.

NNC recognizes and affirms that the pre-Christian Northern tradition has no connection to modern racism, which is an outgrowth of 19th- century racial nationalism.  We are unequivocally opposed to those who bring our spiritual heritage into disgrace by combining it with racial hatred or separatist doctrines. We likewise repudiate those who promote a race-based parody of the Northern mythos through the misguided works of 19th-century Romantic nationalists, and fraudulent texts like the Oera Linda Book.

The New Northvegr Center strives to promote a balanced approach to scholarship, accessible to all with a serious interest in learning.

Genuine understanding of our spiritual heritage should not be confined to ivory towers, and those outside academia should have access to more than New Age paperbacks and self-published purveyors of fantasy. The New Northvegr Center seeks to bridge that gap.